Welcome to Snowsweat snow chains

Snowsweat snow chains have been designed, developed and manufactured in New Zealand for over 25 years. Over this time these snow chains have been proven as quality products that can handle the rugged, steep terrain found throughout New Zealand. They will provide you with excellent traction in hazardous conditions with uncompromised performance in snow, mud, heavy terrain or ice when fitted tightly. Snowsweat snow chains are available for cars, vans, camper vans, utes, hatchbacks, 4WD’s and SUV’s. They come in two main styles: the ladder pattern and the diamond pattern.


Snowsweat snow chains are suitable for all types of road tyres: radial construction, cross-ply, all terrain and even snow tyres. Snowsweat snow chains are not suitable on mud tyres or on vehicles that have been lowered. To operate safely and effectively Snowsweat snow chains need sufficient clearance around the wheels. We recommend you start by checking your vehicle manual for guidence on using snow chains. A custom sizing service is available for tyre sizes not found using the search, please contact your local Repco branch for further assistance.


Identify these numbers for your tire size: