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Compact 4x4

Diamond 4x4


Compact 4x4

Good traction /// Popular 4WD chains /// Unique compact design

If you like to head from the city to the snow and your vehicle’s always loaded with gear, you’ll want a sturdy chain that’s compact enough to keep in the vehicle, but grippy enough to get you through.

Designed to fit most four-wheel drives, the Compact 4x4s will easily conquer unexpected weather challenges. Made in New Zealand, Snowsweat’s Compact 4x4s are light enough to whip in and out of the boot, and very easy to fit.

Best for:

  • Going from city to snow
  • Extra traction for crossing snowy passes
  • All snow types: fresh, compact and slushy snow
  • All road types: streets, highways & alpine roads
  • Vehicles with limited storage space


  • 4.5mm case hardened D-link chain
  • Basic ladder pattern construction
  • Designed, tested and made in New Zealand

Manufacturer recommends:

Better traction and control: see Diamond 4x4

Heavy-duty diamond chains: see Powdercat

Very hard or icy surfaces: see Icecat

Extreme off-road or mud tyres: see Mudcat