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Compact 4x4

Diamond 4x4


Diamond 4x4

Improved handling /// Excellent for loaded vehicles /// Premium traction

You don’t have a 4WD only because it looks good, you need it. Your path is rugged, off road, and sometimes treacherous.  You never know where the next adventure will lead you, there’s no stopping. You want performance and you want safety. You need to know your in control and that you can get through the storm outside.

Diamond 4x4 snow chains have been designed for maximum road contact, giving you the traction and control you need for the steep descents and tight slippery corners of your next winter journey. 

Best for:

  • Travel over snowy passes and up alpine roads
  • Adventure trips heading off the beaten track
  • All snow types: fresh, compact and slushy snow
  • All road types: streets, highways & alpine roads
  • Frequent usage: hitting the slopes regularly
  • Better road contact on slippery slopes


  • 4.5mm case hardened D-link chain
  • Diamond pattern construction
  • Cross directional diamon traction
  • Designed, tested and made in New Zealand


Manufacturer recommends:

Less frequent usage: see Compact 4x4

Heavier duty diamond chains: see Powdercat

Extreme off-road or mud tyres: see Mudcat

Very hard or icy road surfaces: see Icecat