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Identify these numbers for your tyre size:





How to find the right size Snowsweat snow chains

How to find your tyre size

The tyre size is printed on the side of every tyre. It looks something like this: 185/65 R14.
185 is the tyre width across the tread
65 is the tyre profile (or the distance between the wheel rim and the top of the tyre)
R means the tyre is a radial construction
14 is the rim diameter in inches

Once you've found your tyre size, use our calculator to find the right size chains for your vehicle.

Can’t find the right chains for your tyre size?
Talk to your local
Repco branch about custom sizing.

Please note that each tyre manufacturer uses different moulds for the same numerical tyre size. The variation in these moulds can cause a difference in the dimensions of the same tyre size of up to 7% between brands. The different tread patterns designed by manufacturers for highway and off-road usage also affects sizing. For these reasons, we recommend consulting your vehicle manual before selecting your snow chains.