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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty terms

  • The snow chains are warranted to be fit for the purpose for which they were manufactured for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • This warranty is subject to the user fully complying with the Guidelines stated below.
  • Any failure to comply with such guidelines will invalidate the warranty hereby given.
  • The manufacturer’s total liability shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price, repair or replacement of the product (at the option of the manufacturer).
  • All faulty goods must be returned to the manufacturer, at the cost of purchaser, for warranty claims to be considered.
Claims process
  • All warranty claims must be directed to the company you purchased your snow chains from.
  • Proof of purchase must be presented when the product is returned.
  • If the guidelines have been followed correctly and the item is still within the warranty period, the branch will send the product to the manufacturer to assess and repair.
  • Superior Industries Ltd manufacturers most of the Snowsweat snow chain products in New Zealand (except the Quick Grips). Superior Industries reserves the right to repair any damaged snow chains. 
  •  Superior Industries Ltd prioritizes any snow chain repairs under warranty. They will repair and return warranty snow chains as quickly as possible.
 Failure to follow these guidelines will result in cancellation of warranty.
  •  Snow chains must always be fitted tightly around the tyre.
  •  Fit snow chains before you use them to become familiar with fitting technique.
  •  Do not exceed 20 kmph. Accelerate and decelerate slowly.
  •  Try to keep speed consistent and avoid spinning or locking wheels.
  •  Snow chains must be suitable for the vehicle. Check your vehicle manual.
  •  Follow the directions supplied for fitting your chains.
  •  Do not deflate tyres to fit snow chains.  Ensure that the tyre pressures are the same as those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Always pull off the road to a safe place before fitting, servicing or removing chains.
  •  Recommended usage is on snowy road surfaces. Dry road surfaces cause rapid wear and heat build up that may cause breakages. 
  •  Damage caused from driving on dry road surfaces are not covered by warranty. 
  •  If you hear anything unusual when driving with snow chains fitted, stop immediately and check.
  •  Avoid hitting curbs or ruts as these may damage your snow chains.
  •  Accurate sizing and correct fitment is key to performance and validity of warranty.

Failure to observe these guidelines may cause damage to the snow chains, the vehicle or yourself and will also invalidate the warranty.


Why do I need snow chains?

They are a legal requirement on some roads in New Zealand. If you get stopped by police and you are not carrying snow chains you will be fined. You may be refused access on ski-field roads if you don’t have them. If you crash, because you were not using snow chains when they were required, you will not be covered by insurance. Your safety and the safety of your passengers and the other road users are important. You need to be prepared for the worst - the weather conditions can change quickly in New Zealand. Don’t risk it! You could get stuck, receive a big fine or have a serious accident.


The tyre sizes listed under each model are the best fits recommended by the manufacturer. There is up to 7% difference in the moulds between tyre brands. It is the responsibility of all customers to fit snow chains before first use to check sizing. Centrifugal force will cause snow chains to rotate away from the axle if they are not tightly secured around the wheel. Damage to the vehicle or snow chains caused by loose-fitting chains will not be covered under warranty.