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Suitable for trucks and buses /// Heavy duty construction /// 7mm Diamond pattern

If your business relies on getting people or goods across a wintry road, you need a chain that you can trust. We designed Mudcat chains with a square link diamond pattern for maximum grip and excellent braking on descents and sharp corners.

Mudcat chains provide commercial transport operators with the strength and durability they need, without compromising performance.

  • Better traction and control than ladder patterns
  • Diamond shape provides better chain coverage
  • New cam lever design improves leverage
  • New locking feature secures the cam lever
  • Rubber tensioners work as shock absorbers
  • Cam leveraging tool helps tension chains
Best for:
  • Getting traction on large trucks and buses
  • All snow types: compact, deep, slushy and icy
  • Heavy terrain: off road, gravel and dirt roads
  • Road types: sealed, unsealed & off-road
  • Resort transportation, road freight and haulage
  • Tourist and commercial transportation services
  • 7mm case hardened D-link chain
  • Snowsweat cam leveraging tool
  • Rubber bungy tensioners (one pair)
  • Snowsweat locking cam lever system
Manufacturer recommends:

Heav-duty ladder: see Laddercat Commercial 

Heavy-duty icebreaker: see Icecat Commercial