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Suitable for trucks and buses /// Heavy duty construction /// 7mm Ladder pattern

There is nothing worse than getting stuck! If you're looking for a dependable product that provides excellent traction for your large truck or bus, choose Laddercat chains for great value and peace of mind if the weather changes.
Recommended for vehicles transporting people or equipment on slippery terrain or in treacherous conditions Laddercat snow chains are ideal for vehicles running dueller wheels. These chains can be fitted to both the front and rear wheels or use a combination of Mudcat and Laddercat chains for more challenging jobs.
  • Ladder pattern provides good grip
  • Quick and easy to fit on dueller wheels
  • New cam lever design improves leverage
  • New locking feature secures the cam lever
  • Rubber tensioners work as shock absorbers
  • Cam leveraging tool helps tension chains
Best for:
  • Snow types: compact, deep or slushy
  • Heavy terrain: off road, gravel and dirt roads
  • Road types: sealed, unsealed & off-road
  • Radial truck & bus tyres plus dueller wheels
  • Getting more grip in treacherous conditions
  • 7mm hardened D-link chain
  • Snowsweat cam leveraging tool
  • Rubber bungy tensioners (one pair)
  • Snowsweat locking cam lever system
Manufacturer recommends:

Heavy-duty diamond: see Mudcat Commercial

Heavy-duty icebreaker: see Icecat Commercial