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Heavy Duty Utility





Excellent performance off road /// Recommended for mud tyres

Trekking deep into hidden valleys, crossing alpine traverses or accessing remote sections of land off the beaten track, choose Mudcat chains for exceptional traction in extreme conditions. The heavy-duty 7mm steel construction offers uncompromised strength and durability for 4WD’s, trucks and buses.

Mudcat chains are ready to conquer the most challenging off-road conditions. Suitable for 4WD’s with big mud tyres or medium sized trucks and buses, Mudcat’s use a heavy-duty diamond pattern for better chain coverage across the tyre. Recommended for trucks and buses operating on mountain, rural or forestry roads looking for better performance than a ladder chain.

  • Better traction and control than ladder patterns
  • Diamond shape provides better chain coverage
  • New cam lever design improves leverage
  • New locking feature secures the cam lever
  • Rubber tensioners work as shock absorbers

Best for:

  • Snow types: compact, deep, slushy and icy
  • Heavy terrain, mud, bogs and fire breaks
  • Road types: club field, farm & forestry roads
  • Exceptional grip in very challenging conditions
  • Excellent traction on slippery off-road surfaces
  • Deep tread patterns on mud and AT tyres
  • Better road contact when cornering 


  • 7mm case hardened D-link chain
  • Heavy-duty diamond pattern design
  • Rubber bungy tensioners (one pair)
  • Snowsweat locking cam lever system
Manufacturer recommends:
Ladder pattern chains: see Laddercat