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Heavy Duty





Ladder pattern design /// Aggressive v-bar chain /// Superior grip on icy surfaces

Icecat chains use their claw-like design to crawl over the most challenging terrain. The aggressive v-bar bites through thick ice and clay for the ultimate traction. The v-bar claws dig into the ground to get traction, minimizing impact to the land by reducing wheel spin.
Made for unbeatable strength in almost any conditions, these heavy-duty chains are quick and easy to fit. Designed for use on four-wheel drives, small trucks, heavy-duty utes, vans and SUVs.
  • New cam lever design improves leverage
  • New locking feature secures the cam lever
  • Rubber tensioners work as shock absorbers
Best for:
  • Deep snow and thick ice
  • Off road and mountainous areas
  • Minimising impact on farmland or parks
  • Heavy terrain, including clay & long grass
  • Challenging low-grip surfaces like frozen roads
  • Getting better grip on highway and AT tyres
  • 5.5mm twisted link hardened v-bar chain
  • Includes rubber bungy tensioners (one pair)
  • Snowsweat locking cam lever system
Manufacturer recommends:
Heavy-duty diamond chains: see Powdercat
Extreme off-road or mud tyres: see Mudcat
Less aggressive ladder design: see Compact 4x4