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Heavy Duty





New diamond product /// Recreational use /// Designed for modern trucks

If you like to head off the beaten track in a vehicle that works hard and plays harder, you’ll want a heavy duty snow chain to meet the challenge. Hunting, fishing, trips to the snow and exploring roads less travelled - these chains are ready to conquer whatever the trip throws at you.
Powdercat chains have been designed for exceptional traction in difficult conditions. The heavy-duty construction offers uncompromising strength and durability for powerful vehicles ready to tackle any adventure. Powdercat chains are designed for late model truck's, UTE's, SUV's and 4WD’s.
  • Excellent grip on slippery road surfaces
  • Diamond pattern offers better chain coverage
  • Better traction and control than ladder patterns
  • New cam lever design improves leverage
  • New locking feature secures the cam lever
  • Rubber tensioners work as shock absorbers
Best for:
  • Snow types: compact, deep or slushy 
  • Road types: sealed, unsealed & off-road
  • Heavy terrain: off-road & gravel tracks
  • Getting better grip on highway and AT tyres
  • Improve road contact when cornering & braking
  • Exceptional grip in all seasons and condition
  • 5.5mm hardened D-link chain
  • Diamond pattern chain design
  • Rubber bungy tensioners (one pair)
  • Snowsweat locking cam lever system
  • Designed, tested and made in New Zealand
Manufacturer recommends:
Less aggressive diamond chains: see Diamond 4x4
Hard or icy road surfaces: see Icecat
Extreme off-road or mud tyres: see Mudcat